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How do I book?


For bookings, please use the form on the bookings page, or you can email us at


How much space do I need in my home?

Space for one tent and mattress will be 35 in. wide and 75 in. long. Most tents will be set up in a semi-circle, aisles, or a line up formation. We will discuss set up during our prepping stage.


What are your venue requirements?

The room should be large enough to adequately provide space for tents and mattresses. We do not move furniture, so all furniture and other items should be removed prior to our arrival for set up.


What's the rental period?

Our sleepover rental period is one night. However, if you wish to rent our items for more than one night, that can be arranged during the booking process. You will receive 50% off for the second night!

Picnics rental period will be discussed individually.


How do you keep linens, mattresses, etc sanitary?

Cleanliness is one of our top priorities! Your safety, along with our own, will not be taken lightly. After every event, all of our sheets and other washable items are immediately bagged and taken to be cleaned and disinfected. We ask that sleepover guests bring their own pillow to ensure utmost safety.


Can we rent your equipment to be used as backdrop or by the hour?

Absolutely! We are happy to set up our custom tents at a venue of your choice! Please reach out to us and we can help!


What's your cancellation policy?

A  full refund will be granted if cancelation is made one month in advance. Renter will have the option to reschedule the event for any changes between 8 and 29 days prior. A change of dates will be based on availability of the new preferred date. Cancelations made within 8 and 29 days will result in a $50 charge. Cancelations made at any time to custom themed sleepover/picnics will result in a $50 charge.





Any damage to the property of Luna Celebrations NM will result in assessment of charges to the client. Please keep items that will stain or damage our fabrics and linens out of the tents. Some of these items include paint, markers, nail polish, makeup, colored drinks, food, or slime products.


Food and Beverages

We kindly request that only light dry snacks and clear beverages no fruit punch or cola products) be consumed in the tents. We ask that no greasy or messy foods especially those that are tomato based or have dark colored jelly) are served inside/around the tents. This is asked to help us maintain the highest quality of our linens and fabrics.


Luna  Celebrations NM is not responsible for damage or loss of our inventory once placed at an event location. We assume no responsibility or liability for accidents or damages. The client will be held entirely financially responsible for any defacing of our property.

Luna Celebrations NM is not responsible for any activities that take place during the rental period of our products that might result in an allergic reaction. Nor or we responsible for allergic/medical reactions that are a result of the food menu, wearing of costumes, materials given at the event.

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